J.G. Quintel is the creater of the Cartoon Network show, Regular Show. He also worked on the shows The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Camp Lazlo

In collage he worked on the short film, The Native Man from LolliLand with Sam Marin. This film marks Pops first apperence. He also worked on the other short film, 2 in the AM PM. This marks the first apperance of Mordecai and Benson. In 2008 he storyboarded the film Horton Hear a Who!

In 2009 he came up with the idea for Normal Show. A show about animals that work at a zoo that keeps humans. It would have Mordecai and Benson from 2 in the AM PM, and Pops from The Native Man from Lolliland. It would also feature a raccon doodle from college (Rigby). When JG presented this to CN they rejected it. CN sugested a park instead of a zoo. Later that year JG made the Regular Show pilot.

In September 6th, 2010 Regular Show came out with its first episode "The Power".